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A spiritual message for August 6th


On the 75th anniversary of the August 6th bombing of Hiroshima, please consider the spiritual message of this website:

The website shows Jesus was able to foresee the atomic “lightening” of 1945 over Hiroshima, and prophesied the event in Matthew 24: 27-28 as the sign of his Second Coming.  That may seem like a wild assertion.  Please visit the site and decide for yourself.

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Tom Sage

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Historic Biases of Race and Racism to be Addressed in Real Time

There is a current tag line that reflects the historic biases of race and racism that have their roots in 17th century colonialism in America that says, ”The system is not broken.  It was built this way.  These biases, both implied and overt, are the historic threads woven into the fabric of racism, blanketing and suffocating our society with a heavy and dense darkness, that are comprised of the time-tested characteristics of supremacy and exploitation.  The real time opportunity before us is to enter into the honest and transparent conversations regarding racial biases and how supremacy and exploitation have poisoned the well from which we all drink. The question before us is:  who will gather the table of goodwill participants and partners to enter into these soul-revealing conversations designed to move the community to the implementation of action steps to bring justice, fairness, and equality to our society and help usher in the Beloved Community envisioned by the ancients and expressed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr?

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We Shall Overcome!

Through a series of drafts, thoughts, tears, and endless frustrations, we have been unable to verbalize the way we feel towards our current political climate and inaction of the leaders of the United States as well as the world. We empathize, recognize, and fight against what has seemed to be a never-ending battle of race, inequality, and state-sanctioned injustice.  We have refrained from writing our personal feelings and our own thoughts about the travesties of death and violence. Words simply don’t feel strong enough to change policy or to console the people in our communities during these tumultuous times. Nothing ever feels strong enough in these moments. 

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Cultural Diplomacy and Poetry

Conveying to the foreign other

A sincere aspect of culture

Requires one to look toward the inner

Gaze further,

Bring to sound a melody that is quintessentially pure~

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Wandering Poetry

Existing not in one place

Related to not just one race

Wandering at a changing pace

Poems floating eternally in the problematized space~

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Poetry and Gender

Girl or guy,

Male or female,

Poetry is not sly,

It simply has multiple answers to the word why,

More variety than the clouds floating through our shared sky~

Gender roles have experienced much critique and criticism over the years. Nowadays feminism is also resurging. In various countries, people are identifying unbalanced gender issues in their respective societies and are making movements toward eliminating such unfair practices and habitual mannerisms.

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Intercultural relations through poetry

Culture leading to a rapture,

Poetry leading to clarity,

As words melt steel swords,

Relations lead to strong connections~



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74th Memorial of the Hiroshima Bombing



PEAC will be in Hiroshima, Japan for the 74th Memorial of the Atomic Bombing. You can watch the Livestream of

  • DJ Spooky performing his Peace Symphony - Aug 4th 1AM EST
  • The Public Action Looking up at Aioi Bridge (the T Bridge that was the target of Little Boy, the first atomic bomb) - Aug 4 7PM EST
  • The Memorial Ceremony - Aug 5 7PM EST


We will post the videos on this page 24 hours later so you can access them at any time. 

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My Hibakusha Odyssey - Under The Mushroom Cloud

Hideko Tamura shares what happened under the mushroom cloud to her, her family, and friends. As a collective healer, it's vitally important to her that we all know what is at stake as we see the world once again pushing to the brink of nuclear war.

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Free Minds Free People

Free Minds, Free People was exciting because most of the conferences I go to are dominated by white people, mostly white men with gray hair. Far as I could tell, I was the only gray-haired white man at this conference. In fact, I was at least 10 years older than the next oldest person and 30 years older than most of the radical, free-thinking, education-minded educators in beautiful, cool-yet-warm attendance. Never have I seen a conference of 1200 people with more diversity of shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, and genders more united in philosophy and approach to life.

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