We Shall Overcome!

Through a series of drafts, thoughts, tears, and endless frustrations, we have been unable to verbalize the way we feel towards our current political climate and inaction of the leaders of the United States as well as the world. We empathize, recognize, and fight against what has seemed to be a never-ending battle of race, inequality, and state-sanctioned injustice.  We have refrained from writing our personal feelings and our own thoughts about the travesties of death and violence. Words simply don’t feel strong enough to change policy or to console the people in our communities during these tumultuous times. Nothing ever feels strong enough in these moments. 

In seemingly hopeless times, know and remember that the best step to solidarity is to start somewhere, anywhere together. Hope is the fact that issues are now on the table. We must reclaim our time and opportunity to speak about and acknowledge what has been swept under the rug for so long! Inaction is violence. Know that there is momentum building at this moment and there is hope. Don’t forget we all have a purpose, we all feel despair, anger and fear so we must unite in our righteous indignation. Wake up and engage for what is right and just. Wake up and scream at the top of your lungs and ensure that others will hear you, band, together, and scream as one voice, one soul, one fight. We are creating a path of unity, community, and peace. 

Do not “toe the line”, do not mute yourself. Silence is acquiescence and passive acceptance of bigotry, and state-sanctioned brutality is Death. We will push through this together, as one body and soul, for peace, for justice, for the community. We are walking hand-in-hand on this journey together, and know that we are not alone. We will overcome. 

As a final remark: We have safe spaces to facilitate these very conversations to discuss the hardships and pain, to publicly or privately display your anger without fear of judgment. To those who want or need these safe spaces, we are here for you. Be on the lookout for an invitation to these conversations. 

We Shall Overcome!

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