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May 9 or Victory Day in Russia

We’re Thoughts in the Mind of the Universe

Or maybe we’re devices connected to the Great Internet in the Sky. Nope. The Internet, without the corporate oligarchy, has no will and is not conscious. Once you get to know it, the Universe is clearly conscious. The Universe knows what it’s doing. It has purpose. It has a purpose for you, in fact, or you wouldn’t be here. Do you know what your purpose is? Mine is to tell you something about how love relates to power.

Some say love is just another form of power. It’s true that love is or has power, but the difference between loving power and loveless power is the difference between heaven and hell. We all have a certain amount of power. We all have a certain amount of love. Our most important task on this physical plane is to use our power in the service of love, that is, to empower love. When we succeed, we lift ourselves and the world around us closer to paradise. When we use our power in the service of loveless, selfish ego, we plunge ourselves and the world around us toward hell.

“How do you know?” you might ask. “How do you not know?” I might respond. The need to insulate power with love is one of the most fundamental, obvious thoughts in the mind of the Universe. Watch for it!

If this idea comes as a surprise, the society you live in probably believes the Universe is a collection of lifeless, mindless, purposeless particles bouncing around aimlessly, temporarily gathering into various dead and living forms through random chance and mutation, then evolving through highly competitive natural selection. If the thought of a conscious Universe repels you, you are on the dark side. You are in full rebellion. Only love can save you.

We are all free to choose how we use our power. We can use it selfishly for the purpose of amassing more power and better electronic appliances, or we can use it lovingly in pursuit of the greatest good for the greatest number, including those with no appliances at all. Those who use it selfishly may say, and may actually believe, that the amassing by them of greater power will, in the end, be good for all. After all, no king can bring happiness and prosperity to his kingdom if his subjects refuse to obey him. No father can make his wife and children happy if they rebel against him. This obsolete dominance paradigm believes that obedience to power comes first, then happiness. Obedience-first is quite popular among the dominant.

But the loveless use of power cannot possibly lead to happiness. If the king is selfish, his selfishness spreads like a pandemic, and the kingdom suffers. If Father or Mother is selfish, wife or husband and their children grow selfish, and the family suffers. Our world today is ruled by a collection of extremely selfish, loveless kings. We can tell because most of the world is suffering horribly.

The loveless use of power has given an enormous number of dollars and other conveniences to a tiny few, while the rest of humanity suffers. 80% of us are living on less than 10 dollars a day; 10% on less than 2 dollars a day. About 25% are “food insecure.” 30% have no easy access to clean water. 60% have no toilet in their home. About 20,000 children die each day of hunger or easily cured disease. The population of refugees (forcibly displaced persons) fleeing violence, economic collapse, and/or environmental disaster is about 84 million, approximately the population of Germany, approximately 1% of the world’s population. This misery persists in a world where the less-than-1% have multiple mansions, multimillion dollar yachts, dozens of cars, private planes, servants to do any actual work that might need to be done, plenty of the latest electronic appliances, and gold-plated toilets.

Grotesque inequality is the obscene result of power used without love. No one on Earth is hungry due to a lack of food. The cause of all hunger is our collective lack of love. The way to fix this problem is through the loving management of power, as demonstrated by Terry and Rebecca.

If you find this difficult to understand and even more difficult to believe, please read Terry and Rebecca Save the World because I wrote it for you. To read the book, use the + - slide to get the font the right size, then use your cursor to drag the page so you can see the part you're reading. 

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If you are interested in the Global Resolutionary Party, send me an email. ([email protected]) The GRP does exist. It has a Federal ID Number. If several of you show interest, we can create an online forum. If any of you wants to run for office on the GRP ticket, we can figure out how to help you. I am increasingly convinced that nothing anyone says will have any meaning at all until we have a party committed to mediating.

Violence starts with taking or winning without caring about the loser. The use of power without love is destroying us, and taking down the powerful won’t save us. Mediation is the antidote to the endless power struggle currently failing to solve our problems. Mediation is the loving way to manage power, but to do what we need done, mediators must have the power to bring everyone to the table.


Steve Leeper

PEAC Institute · Montclair, NJ 07042, United States
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