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In support of the change-making force of young people, PEAC Institute, a new partner of ICAN, The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, will bring a group of students to the Nuclear Disarmament: Global Youth Forum, Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Auckland, New Zealand from December 4 to 7. We understands the necessity of youth involvement in high-level security discussions which implicate the safety of their future world.

This youth forum will serve as a platform in which young individuals will engage in a multicultural dialogue about peacekeeping with their peers. They will also obtain a clearer understanding of the responsibilities and realities facing political actors.

This project will inspire them to implement actions in their respective states in order to create a safer and more peaceful future world.

We will train our students to become activists. It's a ripple effect, and it can start with you!!
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Past Projects:

2018 NPT PrepCom in Geneva, Switzerland


This youth expedition consisted of 12 individuals age 18-25. The participants were from the U.S, Japan, and the European states.  The program ran from 20 April 2018 to 25 April 2018. 


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No Child Should Be A Soldier

Working with Helping Hands

Peace Culture Village and the South Sudan NGO Helping Hands are jointly developing a youth rehabilitation workshop.

Many young people in South Sudan have suffered extreme trauma. Some have been child soldiers. Some have killed. Some have watched comrades die. Some have seen their families or friends killed, and some have been badly injured themselves. All suffer from some level of PTSD, and many are having trouble reintegrating into normal South Sudanese society.

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International Youth Leadership Conference, Japan

From March 27th to April 5th, 2015 a group of student ambassadors from metropolitan New York City met with students in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan for a ten-day International Youth Leadership Workshop.

The focus of the workshop was to create and expand awareness of the dangers of nuclear weapons; teach empathy, compassion and communication skills to youth from different cultures; and give the participants a chance to express their newfound connection and understanding through art.

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