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Lines of Social Change

There are times/

when we grow tired of paying hostility's fines/

Moments when we decide not to whine/

When we decide to scribe down lines/

Lines to help us extinguish hostility and its fines~

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Acceptance of Disability through Poetry

To help us see each other in a new way/

May we hold hands and think again another day/

Looking into each others eyes as we say/

A welcoming and heartfelt, hey~




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Poetry and Youth

" In my humble opinion, I think that poetry is a method we can use to spread such opportunities and chances to the masses...To make what is united, global."

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Poetry and Language

"I am not suggesting diplomats should suddenly start speaking in verse to one another during diplomatic sessions. Rather, I am suggesting that by understanding language and meaning in a more nuanced manner and that by having the logical form of poetry in mind, diplomats may be able to overcome ‘cultural boundaries’ caused by language differences."

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Young Nuclear Disarmament Leaders Program

Background of Project

The 2019 NPT PrepCom will be held in New York from April 29, 2019 to May 10, 2019. The 2019 NPT PrepCom, open to all States parties to the Treaty, is responsible for addressing substantive and procedural issues related to the Treaty and the 2020 NPT Review Conference. The Chair of the third session is Ambassador Muhammad Shahrul Ikram Yaakob of Malaysia. 


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Poetry's and Diplomacy's Core Essence


"Within these contrary terms of poetry and diplomacy, both matters seem to maintain their own stable ground.

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Structure in Poetry/Speech in Diplomacy

Personally, I have heard from teachers, mentors, and colleagues alike that as humans we naturally come to a pause. Though it is true that we do naturally come to pause (for purposes of breathing) I do not think that we naturally pause at moments that elevate a normal conversation into a detailed discussion. In other words, I do not think we naturally differentiate between common words and eloquent verbiage.

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UNSC Meeting on the Situation in the Great Lakes Region

In March, Special Envoy Said Djinnit, an Algerian diplomat, delivered his final remarks in this capacity to members of the UNSC. PEAC's intern, Lawerence Khoo covered the meeting.

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PEAC at the 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women.




Empowering in Emergencies: A conversation with Frontline Responders to Gender Based Violence

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Poetry and Sympathy

Making an agreement

Coming together to hear each other’s pronouncement

Discussing toward merriment,

Striding away from a state of being recalcitrant,

Through sympathizing, we come to an agreement~

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