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Though this is certainly not an exhaustive list, below are resources we have been collecting of different actions you can turn to at this moment to help support and take action (we recognize this list and its resources are US-centric; if you have additional international resources, please let us know so we can also share and amplify them): 

☑︎ Some organizations to follow and support: 

☑︎ If you’re in the US, consider donating to a bail fund and be aware of when those organizations/funds are asking you to redirect your donation elsewhere. 

☑︎ Here is a list of petitions and donations you can use to take action! 

☑︎ Oppose the deployment of the National Guard and military in the US, who are being openly told by the administration to enact violence against protesters. You can read and circulate this letter from About Face: Veterans Against War signed by over 300 veterans, calling on the Minnesota National Guard to stand down for black lives. 

☑︎ If you're white or a non-black person of color, continue to read and learn about the ways white supremacy affects us all, and work on actively confronting it in all its forms.

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