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April 16, 2022

Remember how Terry and Rebecca Save the World was supposed to go up on the website a couple chapters at a time? Well, stuff happened. I came close to giving up on Terry and Rebecca. But the book and I have been saved (long story). The entire book is up now. Please read it. I will send you occasional emails to encourage you to read the book then join me in creating the Global Resolutionary Party (GRP). I am doing this to keep from exploding.

Encouragement One

We all know the current social, political, economic system is not working for most of the plants, animals, and humans on this planet. We all know we shouldn’t be using so much energy, discarding so much waste, and emitting so much carbon dioxide, but we keep driving our cars, air conditioning our houses, and buying products made of and/or wrapped in plastic.

Jeff Gibbs, in his controversial film Planet of the Humans, does a great job of letting us know that none of the green, renewable solutions to our crisis are actually going to allow us to keep living the way we do, and yet, we do. Partly, global civilization is a giant ship. It doesn’t turn on a dime. Partly, we are being greenwashed, whitewashed, brainwashed, and gaslighted to the point where no one knows what’s true. Partly, we have no leaders who don’t belong to or work for the elite few for whom the current system is working quite nicely, thank you. Partly, our society has devolved into a never-ending power struggle where the powerful keep winning at the expense of everyone else. But to a great extent, our pervasive social and political paralysis is due to the lack of a viable alternative.

If we don’t know who to trust, we need a way to pursue and discover the truth. If we are being duped, we need a way of discovering who is lying and who is not. If our leaders are controlled by their donors, we need to take money out of the equation. The way to discover truth and take money/power out of the equation is mediation. Terry and Rebecca are superheroes I’ve employed to demonstrate how mediation could save the world. Because they are superheroes, they make it look easy, but like anything worth doing, it’s easier written than done.

Putting political power in the hands of mediators will require a political party committed to running mediators as candidates. Those candidates will have to be good mediators, of course, but they will also have to be squeaky clean, completely transparent, unselfish, and overwhelmingly popular. My belief is, squeaky clean, completely transparent, unselfish candidates will be overwhelmingly popular if we can get them over the first hurdle or two. This can only be done by word-of-mouth or word-of-keyboard communication. So we need to create the Global Resolutionary Party (GRP), and we need to start spreading the word, one post at a time.

At first, our ideas and candidates will be ignored. Then they’ll be laughed at. Then, they’ll be slandered, defeated through foul means, and sometimes murdered. Then, they’ll win. Once they win, they will have to demonstrate the art of bringing all the stakeholders together to make collective decisions. To do this, they will have to rely on their ability to mobilize shocking numbers of people in shockingly short times. Once they have learned how to force powerful, recalcitrant warriors to the negotiating table, they will prove that collective decision making is vastly superior to the dysfunctional power struggle. Once they have proven this, they will be protected by the masses, including people in institutions that will initially fight them.

If you find this difficult to understand and even more difficult to believe, please read Terry and Rebecca Save the World because I wrote it for you. To read the book, use the + - slide to get the font the right size, then use your cursor to drag the page you can see the part you're reading. 

 If you're interested in the Global Resolutionary Party, send me an email. ([email protected]) The GRP does exist. It has a Federal ID Number. If several of you show interest, we can create an online forum. If any of you wants to run for office on the GRP ticket, we can figure out how to help you. I am increasingly convinced that nothing anyone says will have any meaning at all until we have a party committed to mediation, the loving way to manage power.

Violence starts with taking or winning without caring about the loser. The use of power without love is destroying us, and taking down the powerful won’t save us. Mediation is the antidote to the endless power struggle currently failing to solve our problems. Mediation is the loving way to manage power, but to do what we need done, mediators must have the power to bring everyone to the table.

Steve Leeper

PEAC Institute · Montclair, NJ 07042, United States
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