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Poetry, an art form, and diplomacy, a political, governmental phenomenon, do not seem to correlate in the slightest if compared to with these surface level, yet widely defined markers. However, if one looks at the ability of poetry to connect to emotions and unseen tensions, as well as the importance of words and the value of rhetoric and unspoken understanding in diplomacy, one can begin to see the many ways in which poetry and diplomacy complement one another.

Historically, poetry is connected to verse, lyrics, and in essence, music. Whether this be the bards of old English or the players of flutes in ancient China, poetry has depicted human emotions in connection to their surroundings. Interaction has been and still is a vital aspect of poetry. Accordingly, as relations between people and nation grew more complex in nature, so did people’s thoughts of how their own self relate to their community and surroundings. In China, in particular, political protocols and treaties have been deemed legitimate by way of poetic prowess. One well-known example of this is the work entitled the Analects. Written by the Chinese philosopher Confucius, this work instructs people as to a benevolent way of life.

Though I have spoken thus far of how poetry has played it has also played a role in diplomacy in more ways than simply being refuted. For example, when the Japanese government representatives came to the United States, Walt Whitman welcomed their entrance with pomp and grandeur. This created a sense or interest and intrigue in America. Another manner in which poetry influences diplomacy is how ways of speech are used within diplomatic dialogues. In order to make closer connections with nations, it is often necessary that one knows a bit about their cultural heritage and history. Not only in China, but in the Middle East and England too, poetic verses from religious texts or from great poets like William Wordsworth may come up in conversation.

As such, being able to connect these to the culture, philosophy, and history of a country is critical to achieving successful diplomatic negotiations. With this, I introduce my blog focused on the integral connection between Poetry and Diplomacy. Even their rhyme resonates well.

Cultural Diplomacy and Poetry

Conveying to the foreign other

A sincere aspect of culture

Requires one to look toward the inner

Gaze further,

Bring to sound a melody that is quintessentially pure~

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Wandering Poetry

Existing not in one place

Related to not just one race

Wandering at a changing pace

Poems floating eternally in the problematized space~

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Poetry and Gender

Girl or guy,

Male or female,

Poetry is not sly,

It simply has multiple answers to the word why,

More variety than the clouds floating through our shared sky~

Gender roles have experienced much critique and criticism over the years. Nowadays feminism is also resurging. In various countries, people are identifying unbalanced gender issues in their respective societies and are making movements toward eliminating such unfair practices and habitual mannerisms.

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Intercultural relations through poetry

Culture leading to a rapture,

Poetry leading to clarity,

As words melt steel swords,

Relations lead to strong connections~



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Nuclear Elimination through lyricization

Nuclear detonation

Can be stopped by an often-ignored action,

One which receives little to no attention.

Nuclear elimination,

Can begin,

Once once reaches the realization,

Of the ability of lyricization~

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Lines of Social Change

There are times/

when we grow tired of paying hostility's fines/

Moments when we decide not to whine/

When we decide to scribe down lines/

Lines to help us extinguish hostility and its fines~

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Acceptance of Disability through Poetry

To help us see each other in a new way/

May we hold hands and think again another day/

Looking into each others eyes as we say/

A welcoming and heartfelt, hey~




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Poetry and Youth

" In my humble opinion, I think that poetry is a method we can use to spread such opportunities and chances to the masses...To make what is united, global."

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Poetry and Language

"I am not suggesting diplomats should suddenly start speaking in verse to one another during diplomatic sessions. Rather, I am suggesting that by understanding language and meaning in a more nuanced manner and that by having the logical form of poetry in mind, diplomats may be able to overcome ‘cultural boundaries’ caused by language differences."

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Poetry's and Diplomacy's Core Essence


"Within these contrary terms of poetry and diplomacy, both matters seem to maintain their own stable ground.

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