Lines of Social Change

There are times/

when we grow tired of paying hostility's fines/

Moments when we decide not to whine/

When we decide to scribe down lines/

Lines to help us extinguish hostility and its fines~

Times of peace are when poetry thrives. Also, poetry arises in opposition to war. It is no mere coincidence that one of the world's most well-known contributions to poetry, 'The Tale of Genji', was created in one of the most prosperous Japanese historical era, the Heian era. During the Vietnam War, the opposition bolstering the message of peace spawned many movies, books, and poems as well. During Stalin's rule of Russia, writers and artists were held out of society and were condemned to serve at Gulags if they even let out a single line of their own soulful feelings. However, in these times, notable Russian poets continued to write nevertheless.  Rough situations have often bred the best writers.

Look at the Holocaust for example. Eli Wiesel's books are now required as well as recommended reading at schools across the United States of America. So is "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien. Stories of death, loss, and heartbreak. Lunacy and craziness, have captured the, as the famed American slogan of former political days go, hearts and minds of people.

I have rarely if ever come across a poem that exudes pure happiness and serenity. If it does show happiness, it is usually related to a period of sadness passing. One good example of a lyrical song is Fmr. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's campaign song, "Happy Days are Here Again".

"So long Sad times/ Go long bad times/ We are rid of you at last/ Howdy Gay times/ Cloudy gray times/ You are now a thing of the past/ Happy days are here again/ The skies above are clear again/ So let's sing a song of cheer again/Happy days are here again."

As we strive for peace in our daily life, strive to put your ideas into words/ and put those words into action by making them stick out with rhymes. In other words, put your peace to the poetry and your poetry to the peace.



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