Poetry's and Diplomacy's Core Essence


"Within these contrary terms of poetry and diplomacy, both matters seem to maintain their own stable ground.


Poetry, a melodic and harmonious form of literature, has been used in times of war as well as peace. Most notably, renown middle eastern poems are accredited to war heroes. When one arose victoriously, or whenever one went to battle, brave lines of the verse would be proclaimed. Though these were at times of war, these poems also mentioned past eras of peace or sad histories. Also important to notice, is how these poems would show how a better world was wanted. Though it be through waging war, the poem expressed the desire to transform the current world to one that was more serene in the eyes of the singer of poems. Even in times of war, poems still mention facets of peace.

Contrarily, whenever a time of harmony or abundance came into being, poems would be made that celebrated the time of glory and waned over the many years it took to finally arrive at the glory days.

Similarly, in diplomacy, there is heavily one-sided diplomacy (which may lean more toward persuasion or coercement) as well as diplomacy of a calm and balanced type, when simply trying to see how to maintain or better already peaceful relations. Within these contrary terms of poetry and diplomacy, both matters seem to maintain their own stable ground.’ By this I mean to say that in times of war and in times of peace, poetry maintains its harmony and hold of power and might. Sometimes this quality is referred to as poetic might. It is a strength that can be remembered impressively through stanzas, rather than mere statements. Something that rings on as a bell, instead of simply being sent once.


In terms of Diplomacy, even during one-sided times, it still requires an agreement or mutual understanding to come into being. In other words, nom after the direction or intention of the dialogue, diplomacy is in its core diplomatic.                   

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