2018 NPT PrepCom

PEAC Joins NPT Review in Geneva as part of Youth Delegation hosted by the UNODA

Follow us as we prepare to make our youth appeal at the 2018 NPT PrepCom! 

Pics by PEACInstitute

T minus 3 Days Untill Takeoff

Just a few days left until it's wheels up for Geneva! Keep an eye out for daily posts on whats happening at the 2018 NPT PrepCom. 

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We're Gettin Ready!


Looking over some of our past events at the UN as we prepare to go to Geneva. We're so excited to bring 15 students with us! They will participate in creating the 2018 Youth Appeal to be presented during the NGO session. We have students and team members from all over the world joining us. The first team member takes off on Tuesday and we all meet, some of us for the first time, Friday, April 20th.

Check back - we'll have updates from all the participants right here!


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