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By signing the Hibakusha Appeal you are saying: 1. You want all nations to eliminate their nuclear weapons, thus liberating us from the threat of nuclear annihilation, and 2. Thank you very much to the hibakusha (A-bomb survivors), who have worked so hard for so long to awaken us to the nuclear danger.

You may believe, correctly, that submitting signatures to the UN will not eliminate nuclear weapons. However, a massive outpouring of support for the Hibakusha Appeal will: 1. Embolden and empower the many activists, politicians and military personnel working to eliminate the weapons, and 2. Get the global public thinking consciously about the suicidal insanity they represent.

When the majority of humans on Earth decide to liberate ourselves from the nuclear threat, it will happen. But we (Earthlings) will not make this decision until we actually confront the problem. The Hibakusha Appeal Campaign intends to place both the problem and the solution before the global public.

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