The Facts

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Know the facts so you can defend your demand!

1. The Hiroshima bomb instantly crushed buildings out to about 3 miles, burned everything combustible out to about a mile and a half, killed 140,000 people by the end of that year, and survivors have been dying ever since from radiation aftereffects. It took ten years and help from the national government for the city to recover.

2. The hydrogen bombs we have now make the Hiroshima atom bomb look like a toy.

3. Just ten or twenty large hydrogen bombs exploding over large cities creating large firestorms would be enough to send five million tons of particles into the stratosphere. Five million tons in the stratosphere would block 10% of the sun’s light for about ten years, which would make the Earth too cold to raise crops in the areas where most staple crops are currently raised. Billions of people will starve. Human civilization as we know it would be over.

4. The US and Russia have approximately 2,000 nuclear warheads ready to launch on warning. Just a few hundred of these warheads would be enough to cause a deep nuclear winter. They would also throw global society into such chaos and turmoil that we would no longer be able to properly control our 440 nuclear power reactors and spent fuel pools. Hundreds of Chernobyls compounding the effects of the cold would probably end human life altogether. With nuclear war, homo sapiens could commit collective suicide – and for what? What could justify ending human life?

5. Nuclear weapons embody a mindset of cutthroat competition and animosity that prevents us from solving any of the other urgent problems we face. All our most serious global problems (climate change, ocean acidification, ocean plastic, insect apocalypse, disease, inequality, climate refugees, AI, and killer robots, among others) can only be solved through international cooperation, but international cooperation at that level is impossible while we are spending most of our money preparing to kill each other.

6. The Russians and Chinese are not our enemies. They want to live in peace as much as we do. Our enemies are those are willing to lie, cheat, steal and kill to get what they want and who use war, rumors of war, preparations for war, and war budgets to enrich and empower themselves. Anyone talking international, racial or religious competition (America first, Whites first, Christians first) is an enemy of humanity because that road leads to hell. Because they are our enemies, we must figure out how to love them.

7. Most leaders today became leaders through cutthroat competition. They have no idea how to solve problems peacefully to the satisfaction of all parties. We do not need leaders who know how to fight to win. We need leaders who know how to cooperate to resolve conflicts and actually solve problems. We need to love our enemies, but we don’t need to vote for them.

8. To avoid nuclear war, to minimize and adapt to climate change, and to survive even until the middle of this century, we will need a miracle. Miracles do happen but are nearly always associated with love and intense, unified or integrated desire. To bring about the miracle we need, a large majority of the human population will have to be hoping, praying and working toward a world of universal health and wellbeing. That is not the case today. We will survive only if we can graduate from the current civilization of power, war, violence, and selfishness to a genuine civilization of love based on the honest, nonviolent pursuit of truth.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “The choice is not between violence and nonviolence. The choice is between nonviolence and nonexistence.” Please join the Hibakusha Rebellion, then become part of the revolutionary love movement.

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