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Conflict resolution has been an established body of knowledge, an academic subject, a college major, and an effective alternative to litigation since the late 1970s. And yet, as Western civilization comes under increasing stress from urgent global problems that need to be solved quickly and fairly, our leaders are paralyzed. They are rendered utterly ineffective by power struggles that trump all efforts to actually resolve conflicts and solve problems. The only way to escape these power struggles is to take power out of politics by electing and empowering mediators instead of warriors. — Steve Leeper

To learn more about the Global Resolutionary Party and Steve Leeper we invite you to read Steve's latest books: 

   1) Peace Culture and the Divine Natural Path | A Self-Help Book for Humanity. 

Until Leeper raised the question for me, I’d been sleeping. I’m one of the last ones left who really experienced the war, and somehow I feel like I’ve been sleeping in a long, dark tunnel. Now I feel like I just woke up. To make sure future generations never know war, I look up at the sky and think how beautiful it is. I gaze up at the night sky and feel moved to sing a song I like, spend time doing what I like to do. I choose to live in Leeper’s paradise with no war. His is the Earth I want.

       — Katsuko Sumi, Founder, Sumi English Academy in Hiroshima

A powerful auto-ethnography, both socio-cultural, political, and spiritual. Steve’s quest for the many years I have known him has been to create a universal peace culture for this planet in every place where human beings gather. His teaching has been that we must learn through peace and not simply about or for peace. Over thirty years ago on August 6 in Hiroshima I wrote this note in my diary following the Peace Ceremony: The last time I saw Steve he was leaving Peace Park for Miyajima Island to find a piece (peace) of God. This text is a testament to that journey.

       — Walter Enloe, Educator, Hiroshima International School

If you would like to download the book to read on your own device please click here.

   2) Terry and Rebecca Save the World  | An Illustration of the Self-Help Book Above

        My sister loves this book.

        It will be appearing one or two chapters every couple weeks. 

        If you would like to see the whole book in its unlaid-out form, let me know through "Contact us."



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