8,300,403 Signatures!

Hibakusha Appeal presents 8,300,403 Signatures


With Hidankyo Japan, PEAC helped presented 8,300,403 signatures to Ambassador Ion Jinga, President of the First Committee, at the United Nations today on behalf of the Hibakusha Appeal for the total abolition of nuclear weapons. Yes, you read that right over 8 Million! The story was picked up by many international news outlets. Check out the Japan Times article here!

Sadly no US-based news picked up this story, not surprising, but it's one thing we are working on changing. We believe nuclear issues affect us all and is a topic of much-needed discussion.

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  • Barbara Harris
    commented 2018-10-30 12:45:12 -0400
    Together, we will campaign for the The UN to adopt a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. ‘There is no way to peace, peace is the way’ A.J Muste

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