The Adventures of Rebecca Whyte


The Adventures of Rebecca Whyte is my way of exploring the ideas, requirements and concrete techniques of peace culture, a way of life that is safer, more enjoyable, and more sustainable than the war culture dominating today. 

I tried to present peace culture alternatives as prose, but found myself becoming so complicated I was boring myself. Suddenly, inspired by The Hunger Games, it occurred to me that my ideas would do better in fiction. The Rebecca Whyte series combines story (fiction) and essay. It addresses the war culture, current events and peace-related concepts in a format that is sometimes awkward and didactic, but considerably more fun than me going on and on about peace culture. 

I hope you will follow Rebecca’s adventures and let me know what you think about the world she’s creating and how she's creating it.


Episode 1  Rebecca Decides to Change the World

Episode 2  Rebecca Changes Her College

Episode 3  Rebecca Changes Anytown Part 1

Episode 4  Rebecca Changes Anytown Part 2

Episode 5  Resolutionary Government in Anytown

Episode 6  Loyal Opposition

Episode 7  Disloyal Opposition

Episode 8  Rebecca Takes on the Dark Side

Episode 9  Rebecca and the Radicals


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