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Urban Dreams

PEAC Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit incorporated in Montclair, New Jersey and is institutionally committed to supporting the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. BBBS is a well-known domestic mentoring program, but Carlos Lejnieks (executive director of BBBS of Essex, Hudson, & Union Counties, NJ) has long sought opportunities to take participating students overseas. In PEAC he has found the perfect partner.

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No Child Should Be A Soldier

Working with Helping Hands

Peace Culture Village and the South Sudan NGO Helping Hands are jointly developing a youth rehabilitation workshop.

Many young people in South Sudan have suffered extreme trauma. Some have been child soldiers. Some have killed. Some have watched comrades die. Some have seen their families or friends killed, and some have been badly injured themselves. All suffer from some level of PTSD, and many are having trouble reintegrating into normal South Sudanese society.

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Peace Camp

Here at Peace Culture Village, we work together to learn peace in a concrete, hands-on way. One way to get involved at PCV is to participate in a Peace Camp--a structured, wholistic, peace culture experience. While each camp has a different theme, the basic Peace Camp schedule consists of (1) lectures and discussion about peace culture and (2) workshops on specific themes relevant to peaceful living, taught by local experts.

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Visit Peace Culture Village

Peace Culture Village (PCV) is a PEAC campus in Hiroshima Prefecture that cultivates peace as a way of life. The devastating consequences of war are visible around the world, but even in Hiroshima, there is little discussion of how human hearts, minds, conversations, and social/economic/political systems have to change if we hope to create a culture of peace. PCV is working to fill this gap by providing hands-on, skills-based training. Because we believe that peace among humans and peace with nature are equal requirements, our training focuses on conflict resolution and environmentally sustainable living. 

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