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Not All Opportunity Can Be Found On the Streets of NYC?  Is that just me or an ideology?

            Growing up in a family that started with nothing, it is easy to see that life is hard and that strife is something that geared my family, more specifically, my grandfather, to be something greater. As a young adult, my grandfather grew up without a family and no one to help him better his education.  He refused to take out loans; he feared the very idea of debt especially at such a young age.  He attempted a four-year degree but quickly realized that there is more to life than just sitting behind a desk crunching numbers—that’s what everyone was going for.  My grandfather decided to go towards the unorthodox route and make himself successful in a realm that was viewed as less than middle class; he decided to become a tradesman, a good one at that.  Roberson Scrap is the establishment my grandfather created from the pennies he had in his pocket and the notion that opportunity would guide him into the best economic state.  Scrapping metal isn’t a career that kids dream about.  Kids dream to become the President of the United States, to become astronauts, or to become famous architects.  Instead, my grandfather decided to chase an opportunity rather than a dream, an opportunity that set himself apart from many in his age group.  Could it be that viewing some work as insignificant could deter young people from a genuine opportunity?

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You(r/e) (Friend is) Weak.

Here is a 3 AM editorial about a topic that got under my skin. This topic hits everyone close to home, and I say that with the most dogmatic tone possible, for reason.  The purpose of The Thorn will forever be evolving, but I’ll offer long-winded editorials here and there, research topics sprinkled set theme.  The theme is being loose, outside any box.




My thought for the day: Everyone has a weakness— what's yours? 

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Thought for the Night.

980C5BD4-DE21-4A62-B0E5-E9335604714C.jpegDo you ever just have an idea that gets stuck in your mind like a splinter in your skin?  My splinter for the day is revolving around the idea of desensitization and the aspects of it. 

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New Year


As the new year rolls around we have several goals bumbling in our heads, new missions to accomplish, and relationships we would like to kindle or end.  In essence, the new year is like a subliminal restart for the mind, but that's all.

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