Poetry and Sympathy

Making an agreement

Coming together to hear each other’s pronouncement

Discussing toward merriment,

Striding away from a state of being recalcitrant,

Through sympathizing, we come to an agreement~


In debates of readings it is oftentimes said that once one reads a book, one feels more sympathy toward, and understanding of others than before having read the book. In everyday parlance, this is often situated as having had the opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes. This level of sympathy is not only important in a person’s personal life,  but also in general political and diplomatic life. If one country’s diplomats cannot seem to come to terms of understanding with another nation’s representatives, then agreements are difficult to make.  For this reason, I argue that poetry relates to diplomacy in yet another way through its ways of conveying the importance and concept of sympathy to both its readers and listeners. 


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