Peace Culture Village

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 Peace Culture Village (PCV) is a Japanese nonprofit, international eco-village, organic farm, and experiential peace training camp in Hiroshima, Japan that cultivates peace as a way of life. The devastating consequences of war are visible around the world, but even in Hiroshima, there is little discussion of how human hearts, minds, conversations, and social/economic/political systems have to change if we hope to create a culture of peace. PCV is working to fill this gap by providing hands-on, skills-based training. Because we believe that peace among humans and peace with nature are equal requirements, our training focuses on imparting conflict resolution and environmentally sustainable living skills.



Peace Culture Village is looking for a native English speaker (preferably married to a Japanese national), interested in helping to develop a peace culture training camp. Our goal is a village of Japanese and non-Japanese from all over the world intentionally investigating the philosophy, attitudes, methods and technologies of sustainable peace.

We believe peace culture involves simple living, local self-sufficiency, keeping soil fertile and water clean, understanding and working with nature, appreciation of individual and cultural differences, the resolution of conflict through communication, and the determined search for resolutions that satisfy all parties. Everyone who lives with us brings new problems and solutions. Our task is “pulling the peaces together.”

The job will involve some combination of farming, carpentry, routine chores, participating in workshops, teaching English, public relations, and social media. The specifics will be determined by your talents, desires, and needs matched with the rest of the community.

If you think you might possibly be interested, please contact Steve Leeper at: or 080-4267-3566 |



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