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Here at Peace Culture Village, we work together to learn peace in a concrete, hands-on way. One way to get involved at PCV is to participate in a Peace Camp--a structured, wholistic, peace culture experience. While each camp has a different theme, the basic Peace Camp schedule consists of (1) lectures and discussion about peace culture and (2) workshops on specific themes relevant to peaceful living, taught by local experts. Peace Camps typically are weekend-long experiences, lasting 3 days and 2 nights.

Upcoming Peace Camps

Please check back later for updates. 

Past Peace Camps

June, 2017   

Renovation and Appropriate Technology
This weekend-long camp focused on appropriate technology, eco-friendly renovations, home insulation, and flooring. Participants learned hands-on skills from professional carpenter and craftsman Keizo Ishioka while renovating a storehouse in a traditional Japanese home into a cozy dormitory.

July, 2017

Renovation and White Plaster
This weekend-long camp focused on traditional Japanese plastering techniques and eco-friendly home renovation. Campers learned alongside third generation plasterer Yuta Sato while renovating a storehouse in a traditional Japanese home into a cozy dormitory.  

August, 2017 Hiroshima Peace Culture Study Tour
This weekend-long camp focused on the concept of peace culture and applying it to our daily lives. On the first day, participants had a tour of the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Museum with former Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation chairman, Steven Leeper. We then relocated to Konu-cho, where we visited the Carter Center and Peace Culture Village and discussed strategies to incorporate peace culture into daily life. 



For those who cannot commit to a full weekend-long Peace Camp, we also offer one-day workshops on similar peace culture themes. 

Upcoming Workshops

Please check back later for updates. 

Past Workshops

October, 2017 Making a Rocket Stove Mass Heater
With winter quickly approaching, participants of this day-long workshop worked under professional carpenter Keizo Ishioka to build a rocket stove mass heater. Rocket stoves use less fuel than conventional wood-burning stoves and cost as little as $10 to make, making for an eco-friendly and cost-effective heating mechanism. 
October, 2017 Fabric Dyeing and Kimono Workshop
Peace Culture Village held a full-day workshop on traditional Japanese dyeing techniques and kimono making. Our instructor, Junko Shinno, is the owner of Joge Style, a shop that sells, rents and dresses people in antique kimono. During the workshop, she taught us to dye silk scarves (recycled kimono lining) using different blends of tea leaves. Afterwards, we relocated to a traditional Japanese home where we tried on kimono and had a photoshoot.


Weekend Tours

We hold leisurely weekend tours (2 days, 1 night) once per month for those who want a glimpse into life at PCV, outside of a skills-based camp or workshop. Ideal for people with busy lives or looking for a retreat from the city, the program includes ample "free time" for participants to relax, go on a walk, play with our cats, do farm work, sightsee in the Konu area, nap, etc. It also features homemade pizza using organic, healthy ingredients and made in our pizza oven. The basic schedule is below:

Saturday Sunday
1pm: Opening, lunch, self introductions    7:30am: Community work (optional)
2pm: PCV campus tour 8:30am: Breakfast
3pm: Free time 9:30am: Free time
5pm: Make dinner together 12:30pm: Pizza party
6:30pm: Dinner 2pm: Free time
8pm: Free time 5pm: Closing

We strive to make our events as affordable as possible. Instead of charging a set rate for Weekend Tours, we ask that participants kindly make a donation. Our village runs off of the generous donations of our visitors and we greatly need and appreciate the support.

How to RSVP
To sign up for one of our Weekend Tours, please contact us at or at 050-5535-0895. We ask that you make your reservation at least 3 days in advance. When you do, please inform us of your name, address, the number of people who will come with you, and your transportation method (car, bus, train, etc.).


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