Our Farm


IMG_20170705_193624.jpgAt Peace Culture Village, living peacefully means contributing to the community through agriculture. All community members learn to produce their own food through organic and sustainable farming. Becoming more familiar with the food cycle, from production to consumption, helps us to grow in appreciation for nature and the other living things that our lives rely upon. We welcome both experienced farmers and people with no experience to explore sustainable living and agriculture in a space where it is safe to experiment and learn. 


We have three fields, about 477㎡ total, where we grow crops and vegetables,and a rice paddy of about 680. We also have 20 chickens and hope to incorporate goats and other livestock in the future. 

Two key concepts when it comes to managing our farm are circulating resources and maintaining biodiversity. Specific methods we use to these ends include:

  • Using homemade organic fertilizer and compost  

  • Avoiding chemical fertilizer and pesticide 

  • Utilizing local resources like cow dung, rice bran, rice huskfallen leaves and kitchen waste 

  • Practicing crop rotationmix cropping and companion planting  

  • Preserving the seeds of the plants we grow

  • Mulching with weeds or rice straw 

  • Plowing our fields as little as possible  

  • Planting small amounts of various crops  

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