Mali Consultations in the UNSC

Mali Consultations in the U.N Security Council

By Lawrence Khoo

On January 16, the United Nations Security Council held consultations about the situation in Mali. Based on the 2018 report made by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the consultations highlighted key aspects of the situation in Mali such as the peace process, the implementation of 2015 Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali, and the progress of the Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) before proceeding to the consultation. President of the Security Council José Singer Weisinger moderated the consultation while Security Council members issued individual press statements expressing concerns and suggestions afterward.

The consultation was a positive success as all members of the Security Council commends the steps taken to maintain the peace agreement in Mali while providing different insights. For the permanent members of the Security Council, the Chinese delegate congratulates the cooperation between MUNISMA and the G5 forces.

The United States expressed concerns regarding the ongoing terrorists’ attacks, which led to the death of 2 peacekeepers. The United Kingdom stressed the importance on the safety of the U.N. peacekeepers;

For the European states, Germany mentioned that peace security and climate changes in Mali are correlated. Poland condemned the attacks on innocent civilians of Mali. Belgium expressed gratitude towards the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration process undergoing in Mali.

Equatorial Guinea denounced terrorism in Kenya while mentioning the loss suffered from MUNISMA`s mission in 2013. Whereas for the new members to the council, South Africa expressed the need for the international community to contain the situation in Mali in order to prevent any further tensions in the region.

Overall, the United Nations Security Council welcomed the steps taken to maintain the Peace Agreement in 2018; commended the Malian parties for their weekly coordination; expressed concerns regarding the delays in implementing the Agreement and the deterioration of security in Mali; thanked the efforts of MUNISMA; proposed for an effective peace and security framework while acknowledging the sovereignty of Mali.


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