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Peace Culture Village's international community is made up of staff, visitors and local community members who work together to create an English-speaking environment in which to engage with peace culture. We have five staff members (also called villagers) who live at our Konu campus full-time, and another two who operate from downtown Hiroshima. In addition to our staff, we are lucky to be able to host over 350 visitors per year, who enhance our community with their skills, experiences, and company. Visitors spend anywhere from a day to three months at PCV - we could not continue to operate without their support. In our experimental community, we don't purport to have the answers and instead enjoy learning and sharing with those who visit us in a continuous exploration of peace culture. For information about visiting PCV, toggle over the International Community icon above, and click on the Visitors page. For those who are considering staying at PCV for a week or more, we recommend you also take a look at our Community Life page, to get a sense for the rhythm of everyday life here.

To arrange your stay, please send this Visitor Form to us at We ask that you do this as far in advance as possible to give us time to prepare for your arrival!


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