Hiroshima Adventures

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33473486_1843474969279638_8137828299855364096_n.jpgMany visitors come to Hiroshima City to learn about what happened on August 6th and to experience the "City of Peace." Touring the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Museum, seeing the Atomic Bomb Dome, and listening to atomic bomb survivors teaches us an invaluable lesson about the horrors of war and urges us to resolve conflict peacefully. However, it does not usually explore the meaning of peace, or how our hearts, minds, and social/economic/political systems have  to change in order to realize peace culture. 

Hiroshima Adventures are designed to help non-Japanese speakers to dive deeper into 32400765_253630255196654_3831419283993264128_n.jpgHiroshima's culture and society than your average tourist. A blend of peace culture workshop and tourism, our Adventures are essentially traveling Peace Camps - customized, structured programs that take participants all over Hiroshima Prefecture to learn about peace culture in an experiential way. As with our Peace Camps, Hiroshima Adventures are generally hand-crafted for partnering schools, organizations, companies, or groups of individuals. 

During a Hiroshima Adventure, you'll learn about Hiroshima's history and the horror of nuclear war, but you'll also be exposed to places, and activities that most people miss. A special feature of an Adventure is getting to meet and interact with  people doing peace culture throughout the prefecture, aided by our bilingual staff. 

33363793_2077729415832174_3994218666433445888_n.jpgIn order to participate in a Hiroshima Adventure, we ask that each individual attending the tour become a Peace Culture Village Individual Supporting Member. Please refer to our Donation page under "Become a Member" for more information on how to do this. The cost of a Hiroshima Adventure varies depending on the number of staff, number of participants, and the itinerary. As with all of our programs, final itineraries and budgets are created in conjunction with the group in question. 

To begin planning your Hiroshima Adventure, please contact us at info@peaceculturevillage.org or at 050-5535-0895! We look forward to hearing from you!



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