Episode 26

Rebecca and the CIA 2

Toward the end of June, Rebecca calls another press conference. 

R: We have completed an initial report on our findings from CIA materials. We still have millions of files, emails, NSA records and other documents to read, but we have made certain discoveries that appear to require immediate action. Therefore, we have decided to act on what we have discovered before completing our investigation. 

   First, I will give you a list of people who have already been taken into custody for crimes from embezzlement and fraud to war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. Here are the people who have been arrested in the past few days and hours:

George Herbert Walker Bush, George W Bush, Marvin Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Lloyd Blankfein, Hank Paulson, Jamie Diamond, Timothy Geitner, Larry Summers, Rupert Murdoch,….

Rebecca reads a list that goes on for several minutes. As she does, the press corps reacts with gasps of surprise and horror. 

R: Let me remind you that these people have been arrested and charged, but they have not been found guilty. Accordingly, I can’t discuss the evidence on which we based these arrests, but I can tell you that some of these people have been charged with involvement in the assassinations of President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, Paul Wellstone, Rafael Trujillo, Salvador Allende, Sadam Hussein, Moamar Gaddafi, and literally mllions more. Some have told and promoted deliberate public lies that took the US into Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Granada, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and elsewhere. They have murdered and incarcerated millions of people in North and South America during a war on drugs that was actually a war to control and use the drug trade to increase wealth and intensify control. Other charges include lying to the public regarding matters of critical concern, killing civilians (including Americans) without due process, the illegal use of torture, illegal spying on Americans, cornering of commodity markets to artificially raise prices, massive mortgage fraud leading to fraudulent theft of billions from the US treasury, illegal invasion of a foreign country, violations of international law, toppling of duly elected national leaders, and the politically or economically motivated assassination of leaders, activists, and other individuals perceived as threats to their control. 

   I ask you to read the report to find out exactly who has been charged with what, and if you read carefully, you will be able to surmise what sort of evidence lies behind many of the charges.

   I do want you to know that after our raid on CIA headquarters in May, we have been overwhelmed by a flood of whistleblowers. Some are people who believe, quite correctly, that we will find out what they have been doing and they want to minimize their punishments by cooperating. Others are insiders who have for some time felt uneasy about what they were being asked to do but lacked the courage to step forward until they knew someone would protect them. Still others were never insiders but have important information they were afraid to reveal because they had seen others with similar information killed. Now that they believe a new sheriff is in town, they are coming forward to unburden themselves, and we intend to protect them. 

   The testimony of these whistleblowers is greatly facilitating our comprehension of the documentary evidence collected during the raid. And, based on what we have learned so far, I have issued an executive order halting all payments to the CIA. In fact, I am exploring ways and means of abolishing this agency altogether. From what I can tell, the CIA  has, at least since the late 1950s, been a profoundly criminal organization. I am not saying that everyone who worked for the CIA is a criminal, but rogue elements have long been completely out of control. They have been closely associated with the Mafia and organized crime syndicates in countries around the world. They have controlled much of the global flow of illegal drugs, especially heroin, cocaine and other street drugs, using that money to conduct covert operations never reported to the president or Congress. They have also profited from illegal weapons sales, and they have used their vast illegal revenue to corrupt judges and elected officials from mayors to presidents. Worst of all, the CIA has been directly and crucially involved in triggering nearly every war and violent conflict since the end of WWII. It’s too early to go into detail, but literally billions of people have been killed, injured, displaced, dispossed, disenfranchised, and otherwise harmed by the wars and conflicts CIA operatives have initiated based on lies and false-flag operations. 

    Of course, the decision to abolish or retain the CIA will be made by the people of the United States, but I am quite sure that when the people get all the information about what this agency has been doing, they will understand that it has simply been too evil for too long. Because ARP is devoted to transparency, I cannot it being reformed. I’m quite sure it will be thoroughly exposed, discredited, rejected and abandoned. 

   In a minute, I will open the floor to your questions, but before I do, I want to acknowledge that what we are saying and doing with respect to the CIA and many of this country’s most powerful and respected leaders will come as a tremendous shock to the population. I know a substantial portion of our population will prefer to believe that I am the devil incarnate rather than accept the extent to which evil has been perpetrated by the CIA and the leaders of our beloved country. 

   To those people I say, first, the time has come for all of us to graduate from the childish notion that the USA is pure good while those who oppose us are pure evil. All countries, the US included, are inextricable mixtures of good and evil. In fact, each of us has both good and evil in us. I, for example, am having to fight hard to control the tremendous fear and rage that have at times come close to overwhelming me as I confront the information I am now sharing with you. That rage just led me to express my opinion about what should happen to the CIA. I should not have done that. We all do certain things of which you are proud, and other things of which we are ashamed. All countries are the same. We are very lucky that so much of our evil is now coming to light. This gives us a chance to grow and improve.

   Second, I hope you will all look at the evidence. We will prove our cases beyond a shadow of a doubt. We have witnesses. We have documents. We have photographs, audio recordings and film. You will see that one way the CIA controlled politicians and others was by luring them into compromised circumstances, then blackmailing them. We can prove this. I hope that before you jump to any conclusion about what we are doing that you will take the time to study and carefully evaluate the information we provide during and after the trials. And of course, the trials will be televised. I hope anyone with a sincere interest will watch the trials before making any decisions about how to respond.

   Finally, you will notice that the peole we have arrested first are presidents, CEOs, politicians, bankers, media personalities, and others who are at or near the top of their respective hierarchies. Many of these people are men or women you trust and maybe even love. It will be painful for you to see them suffering the humiliation of arrest, trial, exposure and punishment. However, before you begin rioting in the streets to defend them, please examin carefully the evidence we present against them. Many of these trusted leaders have lied, cheated, stolen vast sums of money, mostly from you, and have even ordered killings or started wars to preserve their wealth and prestige. Please examin the evidence with an open mind before you react emotionally. We all need to control our emotions and act as rationally and responsibly as we possibly can. Thank you.

   OK, I am open to your questions.

Reporter 1: You are opening vast reams of classified information to our enemies. Are you not afraid of how the Russians or Chinese will use these revelations? 

R: Most of what we are revealing now comes as a surprise to you and other Americans, but it is no surprise to the Russians or the Chinese. The people around the world who have felt the iron fist of the CIA have no illusions about who is behind their suffering. The primary target of CIA secrecy is the American public. 

   In addition, I object to your premise. I do not consider the Russians or the Chinese our enemies. They are people just like we are. Those governments have done terrible things to their own people and to others around the world, but they’re no worse than we are. This reality is the most important lesson we need to take from the CIA revelations. I’m hoping that what we’re doing now will make it easier for the populations in those countries to bring their own evil to light and join us in a world without enemies.

Reporter 2: Are you not afraid that you are exposing CIA operatives around the world and, thereby, putting them in potentially lethal danger?

R: We’re being as careful as we can to avoid exposing individual agents. Futhermore, we’re already contacting everyone we can find. However, let me take this opportunity to publicly advise all CIA agents around the world to quietly but quickly leave your positions and return to the US. I cannot be responsible for protecting you from revelations we don’t understand or might be leaked without our permission or knowledge. Please come home, help us bring what you have been doing to light, and we will help you find another job. 

Reporter 3: As you yourself pointed out, the names you have given to us today are many of the most powerful people in this country. Do you think you can make your charges stick? Are you not fearful of retribution?

R: Yes, I am fearful of retribution. If not for the quick action of my bodyguard Max Shepherd I would probably be dead now. The CIA is an extremely dangerous organization, and the people we have arrested are extremely powerful. They have many followers, some of whom are likely to be as fanatical as James Drew, the CIA agent who tried to kill me at the last press conference. However, we are making an important point. Most Americans have known for some time that we have two sets of laws in this country, one for the poor and weak, another for the rich and powerful. We are atempting to make it clear that under any ARP administration, no one is above the law. The law is a vital part of the fabric of any society, and our society cannot survive if our laws apply only to those who lack high-powered lawyers. 

   Personally, speaking only as myself now, I was deeply disappointed when President Obama failed to investigate the war crimes of President Bush and the members of his administration who eliminated habeas corpus, instituted extraordinary rendition, began using torture, and took us into Afghanistan and Iraq based on deliberate lies and propaganda. The information we have taken from the CIA has shown why President Obama failed to pursue President Bush. He has his own CIA connections, lies and crimes to cover up, and you will note that we have arrested him, too. We will go wherever the evidence takes us, and if we have to choose between a high-profile leader and a low-level functionary, we will go for the leader every time. Of course, “I was just following orders” is no excuse, but the ones who were giving the orders are the ones we most need to expose and punish. 

Reporter 4: How are you going to protect yourself from the fanatics or the hired killers who will be out for you now?

R: Why would I want to answer that question? One thing I can say, though. In the long run, I will not be able to protect myself. The people will have to protect me. I have already been protected several times by CIA agents who have warned of plots against me. It turns out that many in the CIA are feeling liberated. They can see that I really am working toward a peaceful, just and sustainable society based on truth and virtue, and they actually prefer that society to one based on secrecy, lies, animosity, power struggles and perpetual war. More than the CIA, my struggle is with the mindset it represents. Whether this struggle succeeds or fails will ultimately be up to the people of this country. I am in their hands. 


True to her word, Rebecca stayed with the reporters until 5 pm answering question after question to the best of her ability. By the end of the day, most Americans had seen her open and honest reponses. They heard her explanations of what was done and why. They believed that she was doing her best to make the world a better place, and they loved her more than ever.

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