English Immersion

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Peace Culture Village is an international community where we teach peace in English. We offer programs to those interested in strengthening their English listening and speaking skills through immersion. Designed for people who already have a general grasp of the English language (not for beginners), our immersion programs employ hands-on strategies where students use the language instead of studying it in a classroom environment.

Realizing a global peace culture will require people from all over the world to communicate clearly and constantly. As such, we consider language instruction to be a crucial component of our work. Our current immersion programs include Immersion Camps, English Cafe, English Parties and Downtown Programs. 

Immersion Stays

Our Immersion Stays mimic the experience of living abroad. Students stay at PCV for at least a few days and strive to speak only English, to the extent possible. They converse with native English speakers, watch English movies, and work on the farm while using English. They also become integral members of our 


community while they are here, and contribute to creating our peace culture. As with visitors to PCV, we don't charge a specific amount for these camps, but ask that campers become a PCV member. We also appreciate donations. Immersion Stays are

ideal for those preparing to study abroad or for those who can commit the time and can already speak basic English. 

English Cafe

At our countryside campus in Konu, PCV offers opportunities for practicing English seven days a week! One of our PCV Villagers is on duty each day from 10AM to 8PM, ready to speak English with anyone who should come by. The Villagers take rotating shift; please check our Calendar to see who is available when. Guests and Villagers share light snacks and beverages in our outdoor cafe space. No need to contact us in advance for this program. We're looking forward to your visit! Once again, our Villagers are not all English teachers, but they are native speakers. We recommend that those who participate be comfortable learning 


English through immersion and have at least a basic foundation in the language.

English Parties

A few times a year, PCV holds English Parties, mainly geared towards elementary school students, where we learn about foreign cultures with natives from English speaking countries. We play games while using English, participate in cultural or seasonal activities, and eat foreign foods. Part English Parties have included an Easter Egg Hunt, an American summer camp day, a Halloween party, and a Christmas celebration.

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