Conversations At PEAC

Change won't happen if we sit on the sidelines. Please share your thoughts with us! PEAC hopes that this website can facilitate conversations on important issues related to nonviolence, nuclear weapons, environmental sustainability, energy sufficiency, or anything remotely related to "peace culture."

Generally, the way our forums work is that a PEAC staff member will post a prompt or opinion piece to provoke discussion. If you have a piece that you'd like to discuss with the PEAC community, please feel free to contact us and we'll put it up on this page. The more pieces of the puzzle we gather, the closer we come to the truth.

We welcome your thoughts, but we do ask you to be respectful and polite. Please seriously consider what others have to say and realize that we all come from different backgrounds and belief systems. Please help us create a safe space that allows for open and constructive sharing. PEAC reserves the right to delete any hateful or disrespectful comments.



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