Adoption of UNSC Resolution on Youth, Peace, and Security

UNSC 6/6

Maintenance of International Peace and Security

UNSC Vote on 2419/2018 Youth Peace and Security Resolution

By: Patrick Liu and Lizzie McGowan



  • Intro


    1. Sweden

Sweden introduced the Youth Peace and Security Resolution, and cited the importance of youth’s voices especially to critique the global status quo. In the context of the UN, this mission is imperative in helping youth activists learn skills that are necessary in becoming the next generation of peacebuilders and leaders. Sweden further advocated for the importance of listening to youth as the world order will very much be in their hands as they “assume their trajectory to take over leadership of the institutions they once scrutinized”


  • Vote


  1. Unanimous support of  Resolution 2419/2018 - Youth Peace and Security

The Resolution is adopted by the UNSC.


  • Statements after the Adoption of the Resolution


    1. Peru

Peru, as a co-sponsor of the UNSC resolution, congratulated and thanked the UNSC for their unanimous support of the resolution. Peru emphasized that the youth must fully participate in creating a “shared vision” for the future. Furthermore, Peru noted the importance of countering the stereotypes that youth too often encounter. Peru thanked Jordan for initially introducing the youth resolution

            2. United States

The US lauded the unanimous vote of the UNSC to support the resolution and work towards helping the “next generation of peacemakers”. However, the US lamented the lack of language on preventing violent extremism that targets youth recruitment. This was a major point of contention that the US had with the youth resolution;  nevertheless, the US supported the resolution.


  • Personal Viewpoints


    1. Patrick Liu

I believe that the UNSC made great strides in adopting this resolution regarding Youth Peace and Security. The voice of youth members is not only beneficial to worldwide discussions, but it is necessary to promote peace. Youth voices matter! When they are ignored, conflicts can be escalated, which will lead to greater unrest and dissatisfaction. I believe that by incorporating this often forgotten group, the UN can begin to understand and listen to youth perspective that can help discussions on peace and security issues.

However, this UN resolution is not the final solution. Although it shows tremendous progress, the UN can and should do more to involve youth members in important discussions on global and regional issues. Afterall, as Sweden stated, this world filled with its issues will soon become the youth’s world and the youth’s problems. We need to be proactive and set the future leaders up for success by getting them involved in critical discussions now. Sweden and Peru, and even Jordan, had a fantastic initiative, but the UN needs to continue to prove that it is dedicated to listening to all voices of concern, including youth voices.

    1. Lizzie Mcgowan

The youth peace and security measure passed is a step in the right direction to give young people a platform to have a voice in international affairs. Perspectives provided by young people can bring nuanced an creative insight to solve problems related to extremism and development. Since the youth are the future leaders, obtaining experience cultivating policy will prepare them for roles in international relations. Further, it will allow them to work closely with the UN officials who have the resources to help formulate and execute solutions to problems concerning sustainability and peace building.

Another progressive feature of this resolution is its mechanism that supports the rights of women to challenge to the status quo. Sweden proclaimed its clauses advocating for the inclusion of women in the political process, employment opportunities, and educational access are some of the many features that make it a forward- looking legislation. It also aims to challenge conventional notions on the capabilities of youth and women’s leadership potential. Significantly, the resolution works to add value to the opinions of female activists and provide them an outlet to be involved in implementing peace sustaining initiatives..

The efforts to sustain peace and create mechanisms that encourage youth participation are admirable, but there is work to be done. As the U.S. pointed out, there needs to be more done in the realm of prevention of violent extremism (PVE) on the internet. Because radicalization is one of the primary sources of instability, the resolution should clearly outline this as a priority. However, the measure is a start and has the potential to evolve and encompass PVE mechanisms.

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